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Credit Card payment line to allow PostalCodes?


  • Peter Odehnal started the conversation

    I'm almost ready to go live with this new website but have a Show-Stopper problem with accepting credit cards — as the customer payment line does NOT accept anything but USA Zip Codes. 

    We are a Canadian business so MUST be able to accept Canadian Postal Codes (example: V4A 4A2 ) and other postal codes from worldwide customers.  We expect our existing customer list, which is world-wide, to use our site for booking appointments.

    Q#1: How do I setup the credit card payment for Stripe to accept any valid world-wide postal code?

    Suggestion: Other Stripe and PayPal configurations, with other plug-ins, allows me to enter a separate Sandbox configuration for testing PayPal. And, a separate Test-Mode configuration for testing Stripe.  With Webba-Booking I need to manage my client's configurations for testing manually and separately. Please, for a future update, add the ability to remember the Test and Sandbox configurations, with a switch to indicate which is to be used on the site.

    Q#2: I have not yet tested the PayPal payments. But, if there needs to be any thing special done to allow world-wide postal codes, please let me know.

    I hope you can get back to me with a resolution ASAP, we we need to go Live with this site. Thank you.


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    Webba replied



    Zip code format is based on a card you entered. Please, try it with the Canadian test credit card: International test card numbers and tokens

    Q2: You don't need to use zip-codes when processing payments with the PayPal.

    About your suggestions, we have already done it for PayPal and will add the same feature for Stripe, thank you.