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Date Auto Lock


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    jamieedwards started the conversation

    I want to only allow booking schedule for 4 days next week. I am trying to set a date auto lock to prevent people from booking anything past these 4 days next week. If I set the date to anything past a few years away I get an error saying -4.

    If I block the dates for instance two years away, until 2019, it only actually blocks dates for one year. Then my schedule shows as bookable any date past June 2018. This is a problem because I only want people to be able to book me in those 4 days next week and no more than that.

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    jamieedwards replied

    I think i figured it out :) I found a setting on the edit service page where you can set or limit the availability date range.

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    Webba replied

    Exactly,  Service settings - Availability date range.

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    jamieedwards replied

    Thanks very much, this ticket can now be closed. :)