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Calendar and time choices


  • tomarild started the conversation


    How do I limit how many months that is available to choose appointments from?

    What I want is for example to limit the posibility for a customer to only book appointments in 2017... I don't want 2018 to come up if you continue to click on "Show more" in the calendar..

    It would be greate if I could set an "cut off" date for the service or the Schedule.. example:

    Do not show customer any more alternative slot times after a ceratin date..


    Tom A. Sorli


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    Webba replied


    The service limits option will be available in the next release. We plan to publish it next week.

  • tomarild replied

    Thank you :-)

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    jamieedwards replied

    Was the service limits option released yet?

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    Webba replied

    Yes, "Availability date range" option is available in the service settings dialog.